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I Piddled a Pop Puddle in the Hotel Lobby

Back in November I took a little road trip by myself to Chicago, and I stayed at the incredible Affinia Hotel, which is right in the heart of The Magnificent Mile.

It was a 15 hour drive, so I was knocking back caffeine-rich diet colas the entire way just to keep me conscious. When I got there, I had half a bottle of Diet Coke left so I tossed it in my purse, left my car with the valet (I know…too classy for me, right?), and went into the lobby to check in.

magnificent mile hotelWhen she handed me my room key, I looked down to put it in my purse and that’s when I saw I had been piddling a puddle of pop right through the bottom of my purse onto their pristine and glistening hotel lobby floor.

Not just a few drops either. This was a full-on puddle, a good 2 feet in diameter.

Way to be a cool kid.

I sheepishly admitted to the hotel staff what I’d done, and although I expected a sneer, a contemptuous look of disgust,  or to hear “you’re an idiot” (the northern equivalent of “bless your heart,”)  I received nothing but kindness. Go figure.

Then I headed upstairs to find the coolest, hippest, sweetest hotel room I have ever stayed in!

Affinia hotel room

Sunken sitting area

I can’t believe they let me stay there after I piddled.

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Liz Mays is a lifestyle, food and travel blogger living in coastal North Carolina. If she's not in her kitchen creating recipes, she's probably off on another whirlwind travel adventure, scrapbooking her photos and memories, curled up watching a movie or sound asleep.


  1. At least they were pleasant about the piddle!

  2. Did you exchange piddle pleasantries as well? LOL. What a room. Did it have a great view, too?

  3. Wow! Beautiful hotel. Looks like you had a nice time, at least a comfortable stay.

  4. You are so funny! As soon as I saw the title I started laughing. I’m so glad you had a good experience in Chicago. I love that place. *sigh*

  5. What a gorgeous hotel… I would be afraid to stay there, afraid I’d make a mess. Oh, wait – you already did. TeeHee

  6. I loooove that room. So posh!

  7. Looks really nice!

  8. What a great hotel! Love the bed!!!