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Slipping, Sliding, Sleeping on My New Satin Sheets!

Satin sheets have always been a mystery to me. They look so fancy, luxurious, and romantic.

But they also look so silky smooth and slippery, and I’ve always wondered if I’d fall out of bed while sleeping on them. (You know you’ve wondered the same thing. Don’t even pretend.)

So when I was looking at all of the bedding options at Shop Bedding, I spotted the most magnificent pewter colored satin sheets, and I knew I had to have them!

When they arrived, I put those sheets on my bed immediately, and instead of walking around from side to side to adjust them as I worked, I slid and slipped and rolled over the top of them. (Yes, that made my progress slower, but I didn’t give a rip.)

satin sheets

satin sheets

I love my new satin sheets, love, love, love them! They drape so softly and gently, and feel so cool and refreshing.

I get all the luxury and the look of silk sheets, but at a fraction of the price!

satin sheets made bed

And I could only imagine how cool and soft they would feel to sleep on…. so it’s time for you guys to go now. This girl’s got sleepin’ to do.

Night night!

sleeping on satin sheets


Buy It! The entire satin sheet set including 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 standard pillowcases is regularly $57, but is on sale right now for just $42.99 from ShopBedding.com!!

Thank you to ShopBedding.com for providing the sheet set for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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Liz Mays is a lifestyle, food and travel blogger living in coastal North Carolina. If she's not in her kitchen creating recipes, she's probably off on another whirlwind travel adventure, scrapbooking her photos and memories, curled up watching a movie or sound asleep.


  1. I always wanted satin sheets.

  2. I’ve always wondered about satin sheets too. Those look gorgeous and so comfy! Hope you slept well!

  3. I love the feel of satin, but am so afraid I would just sweat like crazy in them.

  4. I’ve always wanted sheets like that! Now I’m tempted!!!