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Hasbro STAR WARS Fighter Pods – Micro Heroes, Mega Battles!

With Hasbro’s STAR WARS Fighter Pods, players spin, launch, and roll fighter pods trying to knock down as many STAR WARS figures as possible.





My favorite way to battle is by spinning the pods just because it’s fun, but if I really want to take some figures down, rolling makes quick work of it for me. ;)

For extra power, connect the pods together or harness the force of the characters by putting them on top of or inside the pods. How you battle is up to you!

Let’s face it. Imagination is all you need! And these little guys are just so stinkin’ cute.


Each set (sold separately) includes 16 figures, 2 vehicles and 6 pods. There are over 100 STAR WARS Fighter Pods figures available, so kids can collect and trade! Plus, each set comes with a little checklist of characters and their names so kids can keep track of which ones they have and which ones they still want.

STAR WARS Fighter Pods Class II

Buy It! STAR WARS Fighter Pods are available at major toy stores and online at Amazon. The Series 1 set shown here currently sells for $31.95.

Note: The figures are very small, so this is not a toy for children under the age of 4.

I received a media sample for review, but all opinions and thoughts of the product are honest and my own.

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  1. I can NOT begin to tell you how insane my boys are going to go when they see these toys! They are huge Star Wars fans!!

  2. My step son would really love these. He is into the small stuff like legos at this point. I like that they are small and can fit in pockets

  3. Those are too cool. My boys would lov ethem

  4. So cool! I think Chewbacca looks so huggable. Jabba, well, he’s just gross no matter what they do to him :P Those look so neat and I love the (forgot what the trojan horse-type thing is called) that comes with it!

  5. awesomely COOL my 6 yr old is starting to get into toys like this so we’ll be on the look out

  6. We reviewed these too! My son loves them :)

  7. My all things Star Wars lovin’ son will love these!

  8. My boys would love these