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My Rainy Day Adventure at Neuseway Nature Center

Last Saturday I decided to visit Neuseway Nature Center in Kinston, North Carolina.


It was a rainy day, but I still wanted to see this hawk and a few other winged creatures which were housed outdoors, so I braved the rain when I first got there.

Neuseway nature center hawk

Inside, there were all kinds of plants and animals indigenous to North Carolina. Some of them were mounted which let me get a good close look at them (and a kiss).

Neuseway Nature Center bear

But there were lots of live animals too, like this tropical bird that was wishing everyone a happy birthday.

Neuseway Nature Center parrot

And this cute little chinchilla that was posing on the exercise wheel but definitely not using it.

Neuseway nature center chinchilla

The lower level is an “underground cave” where I found lots of reptiles and water creatures.

Neuseway-nature-center reptiles

Neuseway nature center reptiles

Neuseway Nature Center reptiles

They also had a huge sand sculpture display.

Neuseway nature center sand sculpture

After I’d seen all the animals, I wandered over to the Health & Science museum (which is geared toward children).

Neuseway health science museum

But that didn’t stop me from playing a giant game of Operation.

Neuseway giant operation game

I was waiting for the planetarium show to begin. It’s a simple show, perfect for young children, where they show the planets and constellations currently visible in the night sky.

It’s not an enormous nature center but it’s well worth a visit, especially since admission is FREE. It sure took the gloom out of a rainy Saturday afternoon for me.

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  1. That sounds so much fun. Good thing you have something to break the gloomy Saturday. That place would srely entertain kids.

  2. Sometimes it’s fun to visit a place like that even in the rain!