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Open Mouth, Insert Mushed Up Worm Stuff – WW

Mommy, where are you? We’re huuuuuungry. And let’s be honest; we’re ugly too.




Don’t fear, little ones. Mama’s coming with wormy goodness!


Within the week, those babies had feathered up and flown away.

But they left me some poop.

A lot of poop.


Note: The photos aren’t the best, because they were taken through a window. I tried though!

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  1. They’re so ugly they’re cute. We recently had a nest of baby birds as well. They all made it, except one.

  2. How cool that you were able to get photos this close – even through a window!

  3. Neat to be able to watch all that! Hope you’re enjoying your time with your kiddos! :)

  4. It’s cute to watch them grow and fly away like that. This reminds me of parent-child relationship. Kids will soon be independent enough and will start living on their own.