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Frankie’s Fun Park!


Holy cow, Frankie’s Fun Park in Raleigh is busy. I went on a Saturday night, and it wasn’t obnoxiously busy, but it was clearly a hopping place to be.

There were families, couples on dates, and just groups of friends and everyone was having FUN! I was there to play mini-golf, but first I had to check out all the other activities.

Most of the attractions are outdoors, but there’s a huge indoor arcade with all kinds of games that spit out tickets redeemable for prizes. And there’s a nice little restaurant in there also.


It was fun to stroll around outside and watch everyone enjoying themselves.

There’s a simple harnessed ropes course called the Sky Trail which has several levels. It’s nothing too fancy, but it makes a great introduction to the sport.


I was cracking up at how soaked people were getting on the bumper boats, because they each have hydraulic-powered water cannons!


There are three different GoKart tracks: beginner, intermediate, and seriously crazy. (Not really, but kinda.)

This is the Rookie Track where beginning drivers start out. Everyone is safely secured in 5-point harnesses, and speeds are fun but reasonable.


For intermediate drivers, there’s the Road Course Track with faster speeds and scarier turns. I have to admit this one looked really fun!


And then there was the Shamrock Slick Track for the daredevils. The cars have racing slicks on them, and they’re flying over a track that has been slathered with an anti-friction formula.

It was super cool to see them spin out on the corners and stuff. It looked like a blast!


Time for mini-golf! Three courses to choose from.


Would you believe I got four hole-in-one’s and still lost?

I’m not bitter at all.


I had a great time. Maybe next time I’ll ride the GoKarts. ;)



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  1. Oh, what fun! I love places like this. My boys are all finally old enough to go and enjoy these sorts of places.

  2. kelly willis says:

    wow looks like fun

  3. GoKarts are so fun…looks like a cool place.

  4. Lisa F. says:

    Looks like fun. I remember doing Go Karts on a vacation when I was little and I have this vision of my day riding in one with a smile on his face. :)

  5. Tiffany Kinney says:

    I wish i had something like that in my area!

  6. That place looks like so much fun.

  7. I wish that was in Houston – -My kids would LOVE it.

  8. Frankies looks like a lot of fun! My husband and daughter love these amusement parks but I just eat cotton candy and wait while they ride rides. LOL