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Go Olive Garden! Dinner Today, Dinner Tomorrow

I believe I’ve mentioned this a time or thirty, but Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant in the world. Yes, the world. 

So I’m in there several times a month and for every event, holiday, season, catastrophe and excuse I can think of to get there.

Love me some OG.


But I normally dine in and roll out. I very rarely do the Olive Garden To Go thing because if I have to go inside to pay anyhow, I might as well eat there, right?

Except last Friday. I did both.

Dinner Today, Dinner Tomorrow.

Two times the yum, but first things first.

Dinner Today.

I ordered one of the classic meals, Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, and it was spec-tac-u-lar. But, I took half of that monster home, obvy.

Holy humongous?


Naturally there were several (or more) bread sticks and a bowl of salad invited to dinner as well.


My friend ordered the Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and added some meatballs on the tippy-top.


Dinner Tomorrow.

We each picked another meal from a select list to take home and enjoy the next day! (Both meals together for just $12.95. Score!)

Entrées include:

Lasagna Rollatini with Meat Sauce
Mezzaluna Ravioli with Five Cheese Marinara
Spaghetti with Four Cheese Meat Sauce
Five Cheese Ziti al Forno
Fettuccine Alfredo


I picked the Mezzaluna Ravioli with Five Cheese Marinara and my friend picked the Five Cheese Ziti al Forno. In less than five minutes, the ready-to-cook meals were at my table.

And yes, they’re ready to cook, not already cooked. (Well, the pasta is cooked of course, but the meal is refrigerator-ready.) That surprised me at first, but then I realized how smart that was.

The cheese on top will melt for the very first time at home. No reheated leftovers.

Go Olive Garden!

And so I went home with dinner today in my belly, and dinner tomorrow in my hand.


The next day after a few minutes in the microwave, I had a dinner that was every bit as good as if I’d eaten it fresh at the restaurant.


Magic. Olive Garden magic.


Talk about making a busy weeknight a little less hectic and a lot more enjoyable!


 What do you love about Olive Garden?


Olive Garden provided a gift card so I could try the new To Go options. Just don’t tell them that I would have done it anyhow. ;) My Olive Garden love is forever.

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Liz Mays is a lifestyle, food and travel blogger living in coastal North Carolina. If she's not in her kitchen creating recipes, she's probably off on another whirlwind travel adventure, scrapbooking her photos and memories, curled up watching a movie or sound asleep.


  1. Oh my goodness! You are making me so hungry right now! I LOVE eating at Olive Garden. When I was a city dweller I did take-out a lot, but these days we dine in. Who wants to drive an hour each way for take-out?

  2. I love OG. I admit, when I was in my last trimester with my baby girl, we ate at OG every.night.for.a.week. And it was during the never ending pasta bowl promo.

    Oopsy. Oink.

  3. I love the salad and breadsticks.