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Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday full of love, warmth, and delicious food!

PS. Have last minute questions about your holiday meal?

Joan Hanson, Hormel Foods test kitchen director answers questions about how to cook a turkey, suggests non-turkey options, and shares how to add a little pizzazz to side dishes.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. That looks delicious! Now I don’t feel bad that I never remember to baste the turkey, lol.

  2. Deeeeeeeelish.
    I heart strawberries. Xx

  3. I love strawberries! I hope you also had a wonderful holiday weekend!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Liz! I hope you had a wonderful day and were able to spend it with your family!

  5. Yummy!

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I am sure you did by the looks of that pie/ tart!! Yum!!

  7. Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  8. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Mine was great – guested instead of hosted, I might need to make that a new tradition :)

  9. LOVE those strawberry hearts! :) Hope you had a wonderful holiday!