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Hormel Suggests Bacon as a Monopoly Token Replacement!

You know how Monopoly is replacing a token, right? Hormel is hilarious, and started a write-in campaign for a pan of bacon as a playing piece.

Monopoly even posted it on their Facebook page! (You can vote daily to save your favorite token until the new one is announced February 6th.)

Hormel Monopoly Save the Token write-in bacon

It’s both a ridiculous suggestion, and brilliant.

Don’t you think?

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  1. Valerie C. says:

    I like it! I’d eat bacon every morning if I could :)

  2. Nicole Lancaster says:

    A very cute game piece. I would like to see a cupcake token or maybe a hamburger token.

  3. Christine W says:

    It may seem silly, but I kind of like it. I would have voted for it over the cat which was the winner.

  4. I think this is brilliant! Who doesn’t like bacon? Well, I’m sure someone exists, but they are probably lying.

  5. i love this – too cute. i would love that frying pan to play with – too cool. so creative!! ( :

  6. I’m not sure, I think it’s fun though!

  7. This is too funny!

  8. This is awesome. I would love to use the bacon for my game token.