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Walt Disney Family Museum – #MonstersUEvent

You can take photos at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco now!

Walt Disney Family Museum

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Family Museum

Disney arranged for us to explore the museum as part of our recent press trip, and it’s bursting with memorabilia, collectibles, and everything you could ever want to know about the life of Walt Disney.

Speaking of….how cute is the little guy at 9 months old?

Walt Disney 9 months old

Would you believe thatĀ little innocent baby totally altered his birth records so he could be drafted? True story. He was that desperate to drive a war ambulance!

American Ambulance Walt Disney Family Museum

Whether you’re most interested in Walt’s journey through animation…

Walt Disney Family Museum gallery

Disney collectibles…

Mickey Mouse collectibles - Walt Disney Family Museum

or the 14-foot model of Disneyland, you’ll find it nearly impossible to leave without a greater appreciation of all things Walt Disney.

Disneyland model - Walt Disney Family Museum

You’ll even get a lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge as you move from gallery to gallery. (The museum is located in The Presidio.)

Walt Disney Family Museum view of Golden Gate Bridge

Just be sure when you visit that you allow yourself a good long time to enjoy everything. There is a lot to see!

Walt Disney Family Museum glamour shot

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Family Museum

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  1. There were so many neat things to see in this museum I wish we would have had a little more time. I was so busy trying to take pictures that I would love to go back without the camera.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place to visit!

  3. Such an amazing place to visit!

  4. Looks like fun.

  5. How cool! That looks like so much fun!

  6. more and more i see disney stuff… and more and more I want to go back SOON :)

  7. I would love to get there sometime.

  8. What a fun trip! I did not know that about altering to get in the draft early!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Walt Disney was truly an amazing man. I’ll have to put this museum on my want to see list!

  10. I adore the old Mickeys :)