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New Orleans Adventures Day 5 #FollowYourNola

It was the morning of our last day in Nola and we still had a full day of adventures awaiting us. (Can you tell I packed as much as I could into each day of my New Orleans itinerary?)

My daughter and I hopped on the St. Charles streetcar ($1.25 per person) and took a ride over to Commander’s Palace for their Sunday Jazz Brunch. It was one of the first things I had written on my list of things to do in New Orleans way back when I was planning the trip.

New Orleans trolleys

It’s a New Orleans landmark with award winning food, and you’ll want to make your reservations early because it books up quickly. I called a couple of weeks ahead to make mine.

Commander's Palace New Orleans

It was probably one of my favorite memories of the whole trip because it was so distinctly New Orleans: the music, the history, the atmosphere and the food.

me-DD-lunch Commander's Palace

Speaking of the food, it was beyond beyond. The presentation alone was magnificent, but the food itself was an explosion of decadence and satisfaction. It was pricier than what I’m used to but worth every penny.

Commander's Palace Jazz Brunch menu

And how can you not love a Jazz Brunch? The musicians were happy to take song requests and they rotated around the restaurant as they played so everyone had a good chance to hear and enjoy them.

Jazz trio-Jazz brunch at Commander's Palace New Orleans

We left with happy and full bellies and enjoyed the magnificence of the Garden District as we strolled back to the streetcar for a ride back to the hotel and a nap.

Garden District New Orleans Spanish moss

When we woke up mid-afternoon, we strolled over to do some French Market and French Quarter shopping. I loved just walking down the streets and popping into the stores that caught my eye.

New Orleans architecture

Late in the afternoon, we decided to walk over to Harrah’s Casino, yes walk. So much of what we wanted to do was within walking distance of our hotel, the J.W. Marriott. There’s no question I will stay there again on my next visit.

Harrah's Casino New Orleans

I’m not the gambling sort, but I’m happy to drop some coins into the slot machines and hope I can make them last long enough to chalk it up to the cost of entertainment, so we did just that in the penny slots. We earned pennies, we lost pennies, and it was totally fun.

DD- Harrah's casino New Orleans

At this point, it was dinner time so we walked (see what I mean with the walking?) over to Mulate’s for dinner. They have live Zydeco music every night and a dance floor where happy diners of all ages twirl around.

We absolutely loved this restaurant and I highly recommend it. There’s such a positive energy inside, the music is catchy and fun,and the food is fantastic.

Try their red beans and rice. We loved it!

Mulate's restaurant New Orleans

And sadly, after dinner we walked back to the hotel to pack and get some sleep before our early morning flight home which means this is the last in my series of New Orleans posts. I hope I’ve shown you how much New Orleans has to offer its visitors. I can’t wait to go back and explore it again.

I love New Orleans!

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  1. This truly was one of the most epic trips I’ve ever seen to New Orleans. I feel Iike I went with you!

  2. Commander’s Palace is on my list for the next, next time. I’m going back to NOLA this month but only for 2 nights.

  3. I’ve never been to Nola before but its on one of my dream trip list.

  4. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time in New Orleans! I’ve always wanted to visit!

  5. Looks like so much fun! I would love to visit New Orleans some day!

  6. These pictures of Nola are gorgeous! I definitely want to visit there someday – just not looking forward to the 12 hour drive yet. Plus, I don’t think I will ever hop on a plane. ;)

  7. I love all the photos, they are taking me back to my trip with my sister in August. The food at that brunch looks amazing, and I did pretty well on the slots at Harrah’s myself.

  8. I absolutely love the presentation for your entrees at Commander’s Palace. Beautifully done.

  9. It looks like you had an amazing trip! Loved following your journey.. I need to get there again soon! It’s been too many years!

  10. We went to NOLA in September and LOVED it! I would like to go back again.