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Rabeanco Luxury Leather Handbags for Fashionistas Everywhere!

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Do you know how long it takes me to pick out a new handbag? I am a terrible, horrible no good very bad handbag picker-outer decision maker.

Is it stylish?

Is it in a trendy color?

Will it fit all of my stuff or should I just try a clutch?

Is it as cute as I think it is?

My solution: I text my daughter a photo and ask, “Is this cute?” If she says yes, I’m golden, and the bag is mine.


I know when it’s time to buy a new handbag because I start to have bag envy. I spy delicious looking beauties like these Rabeanco handbags, and I notice how perky and bright they are and how dingy and tired mine is.

As a regular page turner of fashion (and gossip) magazines, I first saw them in Glamour and Cosmo and got all nosy about ‘em.

Rabeanco luxury leather handbagsSo I jumped online to see them up close and fell in a romance. They’re so beautiful, and they’re made of that soft, buttery squishy leather that makes you totally love your bag.

Uh oh, Liz has a decision to make….

Will it be…

Bonham I (left) , Bonham II (right) – Bold architectural lines balanced with softness. Antique brass hardware, and a detachable shoulder strap for cross-body wearing.

Rabeanco Bonham I - Bonham II.jpg

Giada - a slouchy, hobo-style purse with bucket design. Pebbled leather in a blue violet color. Contrast strap and leather tassel.

Rabeanco Giada bag

Flavia – Fishing creel-inspired silhouette with vintage flair. Can be worn as a cross-body or a single-shoulder bag.

Rabeanco Flavia bag

Lucchia – A sophisticated croco-embossed leather wallet with rich hardware detailing.

Rabeanco Lucchia wallet

Pia – A soft lamb leather mini bag. Gold hardware details, hidden magnetic closure and detachable chain shoulder strap.

Rabeanco Pia handbag

Hennessey – This isn’t really a handbag, but I’ve never had a weekender bag and I neeeeeds one! Bold architectural lines and a roomy interior make it the perfect weekender bag. Contrast handles and side zippered gussets.

Rabeanco-Hennessey weekender bag

I just love them all! They’re made with special details and oh so stylish, but with a look distinctive from other luxury brands. There’s the perfect blend of function and fashion in these beautifully crafted leather bags. (Not to mention they come in eye-popping colors!)

Rabeanco is an international company, but they just debuted recently in the U.S. with a couple of California stores. Seeing as how I don’t live in California, I’m glad the online store ships to the U.S. for FREE. Free, I say!

Which Rabeanco handbag is your favorite?

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Liz Mays is a lifestyle, food and travel blogger living in coastal North Carolina. If she's not in her kitchen creating recipes, she's probably off on another whirlwind travel adventure, scrapbooking her photos and memories, curled up watching a movie or sound asleep.


  1. These have such fun colors!

  2. I LOVE handbags — right now my diaper bag serves as both right now. My fav though from above is the Bonham II

  3. Those are soo pretty!
    I’d love a strong leather bag right now.

  4. They’re all super cute!

  5. these bags look beautiful i want one!

  6. I like one that lays flat against me. Maybe that blue/purple one in the first picture.

  7. I rarely carry a purse, but when I do, it is because I am usually using it as a suitcase, so I need it to be big, comfortable and hold a lot!