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When Behind The Wheel Gets Real #FordDSFL

me at Ford DSFL

A couple of weeks ago, Ford Motor Company invited me to Washington D.C. for an up close look at their Driving Skills for Life program. The latent teenage part of me did an immediate eye roll at the thought of it. The adult and sensible me gave my inner teenager the evil side-eye and said, […]

Me and My Kia Sorento


She was a beauty – a dark cherry, shining bit of joy on wheels. (A 2012 Kia Sorento EX AWD .) And she was here for a week-long test drive. Mama happy-screamed a little bit. I had never driven a crossover vehicle before! The interior was mighty purdy, and the seats were nice and comfy. […]

ACDelco Knowledge is Power FREE Booklet

checking tire pressure

Many of us women (me included) are not that great at identifying and describing auto-related problems, nor do we have the knowledge we need to make confident car servicing decisions. ———— Me: I’ve been hearing this sort of vrut tikkity jooOoooOoot sound lately. What’s wrong with my car? Mechanic: Ummm.. or Mechanic: Ma’am, you need […]