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Yip, Yep, Yappem

awesome party yappem food

Here a Yapper, there a Yapper, everywhere a Yappem yapper… the Awesome Party at Navy Pier in Chicago last Friday night was full of fun, food, prizes and Yappem users! Everywhere I looked people were on the Yappem social media app participating in simple, fun missions in an effort to win prizes! Naturally I got caught […]

My Auntie Anne’s #PretzelPro Trip

Auntie Anne's Pretzels logo

A couple of months ago I was invited as one of ten ambassadors to visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the headquarters of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels.  When we arrived, the president and Chief Operating Officer Bill Dunn, was waiting for us outside, and as he walked us through the front doors, the entire staff was standing in the […]

Nestlé Chef for a Day! #HotterPockets

me and Herbie Hot Pockets

In early May, I took a trip courtesy of Hot Pockets to Nestlé headquarters in Cleveland, where I had the chance to be a Nestle #HotterPockets chef for a day….or lunch, if I were to drop the exaggeration. But I was a chef, see? It all began the night before with a trip to Chinato […]

Tasting the Flavors of Summer at McDonald’s in NYC!

Cherry-Berry-Chiller-McDonald's Flavors of Summer

McDonald’s recently flew a group of bloggers to New York City to taste the new berry-inspired summer menu items: Blueberry Banana Nut Oatmeal, and the newest McCafe beverage, the Cherry Berry Chiller. The night we flew in, we went to The Culinary Loft for a berry-inspired dinner, created by Chef Dave Martin (of Top Chef […]