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Back on the Radar: Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

I’ve driven past Cheddar’s for years without stopping in. I used to visit it regularly when I lived in Michigan, but somehow it fell flat off my radar once I moved to North Carolina. But last week, I was invited to check out Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. And I was all, what? I thought it was Cheddar’s? But […]

Behind the Scenes at Denny’s – America’s Diner: Denny’s HQ and Test Kitchen

#DennysDiners ambassadors

I know secrets about #DennysDiners and I’m not telling! That’s mean, isn’t it? I promise I’ll tell you as much as I can, and good (and tasty) things come to those who wait for the rest. As a #DennysDiners ambassador, I was invited as a guest to Denny’s HQ and test kitchen in Spartanburg, SC for a little […]

Grilled Ribeyes with Beer & Brown Sugar Marinade

Grilled Marinated Ribeye Steaks with Rosemary Potatoes

There’s nothing better than charcoal grilling, I’m convinced. I had an expensive gas grill, but what I gained in time, I lost in flavor. It just wasn’t the same. I went back to cooking over coals and never looked back. I mean come on…. you can’t get a steak this beautiful and flavorful except over coals.

Care to Join Me for Afternoon Tea with Cookies?

afternoon tea and cookies

I’ve never been to an afternoon tea party, but it sounds so elegant and ladylike. Oh. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been invited. Surely I can be prim and proper (and pajama-free) long enough for afternoon tea. Oh, screw it. I’ll have my own afternoon tea party. What inspired this sudden need for refinement and […]

Football and Endless Appetizers

Endless Apps - TGI Fridays

When there’s a big football game, there’s nothing like watching it along with other cheering fans, so Saturday evening the boyfriend and I headed to TGI Fridays for endless appetizers and the Michigan State vs. Oregon game. Let’s not talk about the loss. (Booooooo!) Let’s just talk about the win – Endless Appetizers! It’s perfect […]

Chicken Tetrazzini With a Twist

Chicken Tetrazzini with a Twist recipe

September is my favorite month of the year. It’s bittersweet because it signals the end of summer, but it brings with it the most wonderful changes: cooler temperatures, spectacular colors and a whole new season of food. I start to think about football tailgates, comforting casseroles and even the holidays. Yikes! It’s the perfect time of […]

Gone Fishing with #GoldEmblem

fishing boat - North Carolina

I don’t go fishing with the boyfriend a lot because he’s up and out before the sun, and I’m, well… I’m just offended by the thought. But once in a while (like once a year), I get all “good girlfriend-y” and go with him. But, I bring all kinds of things to distract me from the […]

It’s Simply Effortless

Coca-Cola_Walmart Effortless Meals

Even though I love to cook from scratch, on the nights when I’m not cooking, I want effortless meals. Really effortless meals. Like in and out of the kitchen in five minutes effortless meals. I need my playtime! Sometimes my effortless meals involve going out to eat, but sometimes I grab one of the Effortless Meals at […]