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It’s Simply Effortless

Coca-Cola_Walmart Effortless Meals

Even though I love to cook from scratch, on the nights when I’m not cooking, I want effortless meals. Really effortless meals. Like in and out of the kitchen in five minutes effortless meals. I need my playtime! Sometimes my effortless meals involve going out to eat, but sometimes I grab one of the Effortless Meals at […]

Beano + Dairy Defense Challenge Results + Giveaway

Beano + Dairy Defense

Recently I talked about foods that cause digestive issues, and that I was challenged to try new Beano® + Dairy Defense to help alleviate the symptoms. Some people have difficulty digesting the complex carbohydrates found in veggies, beans and whole grains which means they may ferment causing gas, bloating and pressure. Similarly, some people  have difficulty digesting the […]

Don’t Miss the Exclusive #FoodLionBoxTops For Education Offer!

Food Lion logo

I love the General Mills® Box Tops for Education program! It works extraordinarily well. I’ve watched my kids’ schools collect and redeem Box Tops for Education points over the years for things they desperately needed, and I’ve seen the excitement and relief over finally being able to purchase something that had been on a wishlist […]

7 No Fuss Travel-Friendly Snacks

Travel-friendly snacks

Whether you’re packing for a day trip, a weekend getaway or a long family vacation, be sure to bring along plenty of travel friendly snacks to stave off hunger. Nothing ruins a day faster than a cranky traveler with a hungry tummy. Snacks for traveling are essential! So I thought I’d take what I’ve learned […]

Grab Some Ben & Jerry’s Truffle Trifecta Ice Cream + $50 GC Giveaway

Ben & Jerry's Truffle Trifecta ice cream - Walgreens

Walgreens is giving ice cream lovers a reason to rejoice with their exclusive Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Truffle Trifecta. Truffle Trifecta is only available at Walgreens, so get this mouth-watering flavor along with all of your other Ben & Jerry’s favorites this summer at your local store. With marshmallow, fudge and caramel truffles in a […]

Game On! Denny’s Partners with Atari #DennysDiners

Greatest_Hits_Remixed_Menu #DennysDiners

Atari is back and just in time for breakfast at Denny’s! To go along with Denny’s new “Greatest Hits Remixed“ menu which features a selection of the diner’s iconic dishes all with new culinary spins, guests can now enjoy a throwback to three of Atari’s most popular classic games: Asteroids®, Centipede® and Breakout®. The games have been remixed as “Hashteroids,” “Centipup” […]

Jalapeno Popper Burgers + Grilling Prize Pack Giveaway

Jalapeno-Popper Burger-stuffed burger

Oh, how I love a good charcoal-grilled burger! The smoky flavor, seared ground beef, crispy bacon and melted, gooey cheese are summer happiness on a toasted bun. I grill at least once a week all through the summer, and most of the time it’s burgers that I grill. I just love them so much! I […]

Celebrating with My Daughter

me and DD at TGI Fridays

So, did I ever tell you that my daughter started competing in bikini competitions? Not like MTV Spring Break bikini gone wild madness, I mean like bikini fitness competitions. Actually, she only competed in one so far, but check this out… SHE WON! Also new in her life is a very special guy, and I’ve […]