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Care to Join Me for Afternoon Tea with Cookies?

afternoon tea and cookies

I’ve never been to an afternoon tea party, but it sounds so elegant and ladylike. Oh. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been invited. Surely I can be prim and proper (and pajama-free) long enough for afternoon tea. Oh, screw it. I’ll have my own afternoon tea party. What inspired this sudden need for refinement and […]

Gone Fishing with #GoldEmblem

fishing boat - North Carolina

I don’t go fishing with the boyfriend a lot because he’s up and out before the sun, and I’m, well… I’m just offended by the thought. But once in a while (like once a year), I get all “good girlfriend-y” and go with him. But, I bring all kinds of things to distract me from the […]

7 No Fuss Travel-Friendly Snacks

Travel-friendly snacks

Whether you’re packing for a day trip, a weekend getaway or a long family vacation, be sure to bring along plenty of travel friendly snacks to stave off hunger. Nothing ruins a day faster than a cranky traveler with a hungry tummy. Snacks for traveling are essential! So I thought I’d take what I’ve learned […]

Grab Some Ben & Jerry’s Truffle Trifecta Ice Cream + $50 GC Giveaway

Ben & Jerry's Truffle Trifecta ice cream - Walgreens

Walgreens is giving ice cream lovers a reason to rejoice with their exclusive Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Truffle Trifecta. Truffle Trifecta is only available at Walgreens, so get this mouth-watering flavor along with all of your other Ben & Jerry’s favorites this summer at your local store. With marshmallow, fudge and caramel truffles in a […]

Mrs. Dash Dashionista Recipe Challenge!

Mrs Dashionista - Recipe Challenge

What can you do with Mrs. Dash seasoning blends?  Based on all the incredible recipe submissions in the Mrs. Dash Dashionista Recipe Challenge, the answer is a lot!!! Now that all the recipes have been collected, it’s time to vote for your favorite! Between July 7 through July 13th, fans can vote for their favorite Mrs. Dash-inspired original recipe. […]

Refresh and Hydrate with #DASANISparkling + Giveaway


There’s a new way to refresh and hydrate! DASANI Sparkling puts a splash of refreshing fizz into water with an unsweetened, zero-calorie, lightly carbonated beverage infused with natural flavors. DASANI Sparkling comes in four crisp, clean flavors: Lime, Lemon, Berry and Apple, as well as an unflavored variety. The subtle hint of flavor and the […]

Brancott Estate Flight Song Wine – Light Wine with Full Flavor #FlightSong

Brancott Estate_Flight Song wine

I couldn’t have been more excited to try the new expression of wines from Brancott Estate, Flight Song, lighter in calories with the full flavor and complexity of the original varietals.

Buy 3 Knorr Sides, Get 1 FREE Deal + Cookware Giveaway

Cook n Home Cookware Set

After picking up the kids from school, quickly rushing to gather uniforms, shoes, instruments and snacks, and then running back out the door to usher them to and from their various after-school activities, the last thing I felt like doing was finishing up the weekday madness by cooking a homemade meal. Are you with me? […]