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Book Club: This Is Where I Leave You + Giveaway

#TIWILY book club meeting

I finished it! I hardly ever finish a book within a month anymore, but I read Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You within two weeks, thanks to lots of flight time and long airport layovers. It’s a good thing too, because I really wanted to read it before the movie hits theaters on September […]

Zume Games Freestanding Badminton Set + Giveaway

Zume Games logo

Badminton is my favorite backyard game, but all these years I’ve been just freestyle-lobbing birdies back and forth without a net. Now I have a real freestanding badminton set from Zume Games and I’m so excited!  It literally takes minutes to set up a badminton court — no tools necessary, and the whole set is portable and self-storing. It […]

Nextbook 8 Android Tablet Review + Giveaway

Nextbook 8 Android tablet - 4 colors

It’s back-to-school time, and if you’ve been toying with the idea of introducing your student (or even yourself) to a tablet, the Nextbook 8 Android tablet makes a great budget-friendly tablet option. The quad-core processor ensures ample speed for surfing the web, playing games and streaming video. Made by E FUN, the Nextbook 8 Android tablet […]

5 Tips for Introducing Your College Student to Credit Cards + Giveaway

5 tips for introducing your college student to credit cards

When college students are away from home, they’re not only learning in class, but they’re learning how to manage things like money. It’s especially important that they learn how to manage their money responsibly, as those early habits will set the trend for their future. When I applied for my first credit card in college, I […]

Beano + Dairy Defense Challenge Results + Giveaway

Beano + Dairy Defense

Recently I talked about foods that cause digestive issues, and that I was challenged to try new Beano® + Dairy Defense to help alleviate the symptoms. Some people have difficulty digesting the complex carbohydrates found in veggies, beans and whole grains which means they may ferment causing gas, bloating and pressure. Similarly, some people  have difficulty digesting the […]

Don’t Miss the Exclusive #FoodLionBoxTops For Education Offer!

Food Lion logo

I love the General Mills® Box Tops for Education program! It works extraordinarily well. I’ve watched my kids’ schools collect and redeem Box Tops for Education points over the years for things they desperately needed, and I’ve seen the excitement and relief over finally being able to purchase something that had been on a wishlist […]

Traveling in the Sunset of Summer #AlamoDriveHappy + Giveaway

Sunset of Summer #AlamoDriveHappy box

As an Alamo Chief Travel Mom, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending this summer sharing my love for travel with you.

P&G Shopping From Home: You’ve Got Options + $25 Walmart GC Giveaway

Walmart.com -you've got options

Shopping from home is the ultimate time-saving convenience, isn’t it? You can shop wherever and whenever! For household items like your favorite P&G products, Walmart offers great variety and savings on everyday low prices. If you use the Walmart app,  you can easily build a shopping list by scanning all the products you’re ready to purchase […]