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PediaSure Fridgeworthy Giveaway

PediaSure Fridgeworthy fridge

This post about childhood nutrition has been sponsored by PediaSure. All opinions are my own. You know by now that I have a passion for making sure children receive the nutrition they need to thrive and succeed every day. Those first 12 years of life are especially critical in their growth and development. That’s why […]

Turn the Tables on Child Hunger and #ShareAMeal

Unilever Project Sunlight

I’ve talked about childhood hunger in America before, and I’ll talk about it again and again. Hunger’s youngest victims are too often invisible to us, yet the reality is that 1 in 5 children (16 million — that’s the population of Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago combined) aren’t sure when or from […]

Celebrate Feeling Beautiful with Target and Dove + Giveaway

Target #TGTfeelbeautifulfor

What’s your beauty legacy? Are you sharing your definition of beauty with your children? Target and Dove want to help the next generation of young girls and women celebrate feeling beautiful. Tell the world who you feel beautiful for on Twitter using hashtag #TGTfeelbeautifulfor, and let’s create a beauty legacy together! Sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions […]

Fall Clothing: Shop Early for Autumn Apparel and Save

Herve Leger FW14

I love seeing the coverage for Fashion Week in September every year, but there is very little if anything that’s remotely normal (or affordable) for most of us. Thank goodness the trends get watered down and translated to wearable before we see them in stores.

Freshen Your Look and Save at Target #FreshLookSavings + $50 Target GC Giveaway


I’m always so happy when Fall arrives because I get to bring out my boots and snuggly clothes. We southerners only have a few months where we can do that! The cool temperatures and dry air also signal the need to change hair and beauty products. It’s time to freshen your look, and Target is offering a special way for […]

Block Sensitive Tooth Pain with Crest Sensi-Stop Strips + Giveaway

Sink, countertop and mirror in domestic bathroom

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity like I do, you’re probably very cautious about cold drinks and foods. I have several areas where my gums are exposed, and if I happen to drink ice-cold water and it washes over those spots, I just die. I even have to keep my mouth shut outdoors in the winter because the frigid air kills […]

PediaSure Provides Complete Balanced Nutrition For Children

PediaSure shakes

This post about childhood nutrition has been sponsored by PediaSure. All opinions are my own. My children are grown now, [insert saddest face ever] but I love looking back through their baby books, growth charts and old photographs to relive those early years. It seemed like I was always taking one or the other for a check-up, […]

Dr. Cocoa Makes The Medicine Go Down Easier #DrCocoaReliefWithaSmile

Dr. Cocoa thumb

Holy moly, it’s already the time of year when our kids will be catching colds again. Lots of colds. (Cold season is typically September through April and not surprisingly, that coincides with the school year.) Did you know school age kids get around eight to twelve colds a year? Since colds can last anywhere from […]