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Freshen Your Look and Save at Target #FreshLookSavings + $50 Target GC Giveaway


I’m always so happy when Fall arrives because I get to bring out my boots and snuggly clothes. We southerners only have a few months where we can do that! The cool temperatures and dry air also signal the need to change hair and beauty products. It’s time to freshen your look, and Target is offering a special way for […]

Block Sensitive Tooth Pain with Crest Sensi-Stop Strips + Giveaway

Sink, countertop and mirror in domestic bathroom

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity like I do, you’re probably very cautious about cold drinks and foods. I have several areas where my gums are exposed, and if I happen to drink ice-cold water and it washes over those spots, I just die. I even have to keep my mouth shut outdoors in the winter because the frigid air kills […]

PediaSure Provides Complete Balanced Nutrition For Children

PediaSure shakes

This post about childhood nutrition has been sponsored by PediaSure. All opinions are my own. My children are grown now, [insert saddest face ever] but I love looking back through their baby books, growth charts and old photographs to relive those early years. It seemed like I was always taking one or the other for a check-up, […]

Dr. Cocoa Makes The Medicine Go Down Easier #DrCocoaReliefWithaSmile

Dr. Cocoa thumb

Holy moly, it’s already the time of year when our kids will be catching colds again. Lots of colds. (Cold season is typically September through April and not surprisingly, that coincides with the school year.) Did you know school age kids get around eight to twelve colds a year? Since colds can last anywhere from […]

5 Tips for Introducing Your College Student to Credit Cards + Giveaway

5 tips for introducing your college student to credit cards

When college students are away from home, they’re not only learning in class, but they’re learning how to manage things like money. It’s especially important that they learn how to manage their money responsibly, as those early habits will set the trend for their future. When I applied for my first credit card in college, I […]

Creating a Family Tree with Ancestry.com

Ancestry logo

I started keeping records for a family tree years ago, but it wasn’t until last week that I began a family tree on Ancestry.com.  I’m discovering things like last name meanings and last name origin, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I discovered that I’m related to this guy: General George Armstrong Custer. I’m […]

Cosmetics To Try (or Not Try) – L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation

L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur

I think picking out cosmetics like foundation and concealer is hard!  I’ve worn some ‘meh’ products over the years even though I knew they weren’t right for me, simply because it was too overwhelming to try and pick out yet another cosmetic product. I like my foundation to leave a very natural makeup finish on my face, but I still want it to act as a concealer, smoothing […]

Fiber Choice 30-Day Get Picky Challenge

Fiber Choice Plus Calcium + D

Most Americans, myself included, only get about half the recommended daily allowance of fiber (25 to 30 grams) each day in their diet . I’ve tried a few fiber supplements over the years but I’m not consistent, and the inconsistency isn’t good for my digestive tract. That’s why I agreed to take the Fiber Choice® 30-Day […]