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Savings at Your Fingertips with the Food Lion Coupon Hub + $100 GC Giveaway

Food Lion Coupon Hub

Thanksgiving is next week and I haven’t done my shopping yet for the big meal. Have you? I’m actually a Friday night grocery shopper (no idea how I fell into that routine,) so I’ll be at Food Lion tonight as usual. Only this time, I’ll be putting the goods for my Thanksgiving feast in my […]

My Daughter, the Bodybuilder

DD Florida by Transformer

Did I ever tell you that my daughter is a bodybuilder? She is!

Good Riddance to Bad Memories

Good Riddance Day logo

I’ll tell ya what. Nothing feels better than letting go of bad memories, and when I say letting go, I mean crushing them, ripping them up and permanently destroying them. Complete obliteration of the albatross. Not this albatross; he’s cute. (Incidentally, if an albatross is a bad thing, why’d they name it after this cute guy?) Remedy […]

Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas with Babies R Us

Babies R Us Babies First Christmas event

This November, nationwide Babies”R”Us stores are once again hosting Baby’s First Christmas events! Join the fun of live in-store events, a Twitter party, a holiday shopping guide and a sweepstakes! In-Store Events On select Saturdays in November from 10-11am, new parents are encouraged to visit their local Babies“R”Us to celebrate their baby’s first Christmas, where they can meet […]

Cooking Up IBS-Friendly Recipes #VSL3KnowTheDifference

French Toast

Let’s talk gut reactions for a minute. The digestive kind. The older I get, the more unstable my digestive process seems to be, and I’m really not a fan of these changes. I’m starting to wonder if I’m experiencing a little bit of IBS. *hangs head* (Why do I find that so embarrassing to say?) […]

Establishing Good Credit Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

establishing and maintaining good credit

There are lots of spooky ghosts, goblins and ghouls lurking around at Halloween time, but one thing you don’t need to be afraid of is financial planning. It’s so important to establish and maintain good credit, but it doesn’t need to feel overwhelming and scary. It used to be enormously scary for me because I was buried in a quicksand […]

My Neighborhood Food Drive: #ShareAMeal with Project Sunlight

Santa food drive donation box

After I shared my latest post about the Project Sunlight #ShareAMeal program, I knew I wanted to do something to help fight childhood hunger right here within my own community.

PediaSure Fridgeworthy Giveaway

PediaSure Fridgeworthy fridge

This post about childhood nutrition has been sponsored by PediaSure. All opinions are my own. You know by now that I have a passion for making sure children receive the nutrition they need to thrive and succeed every day. Those first 12 years of life are especially critical in their growth and development. That’s why […]