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Unilever Launches New Dry Spray Antiperspirant Sprays + Giveaway

Unilever dry anti-perspirant sprays

How annoying is it when you pick just the right outfit for your day, get dressed, and then look in the mirror and spot those telltale white deodorant smears on the side of your shirt or dress? It’s infuriating! Now you have to change. Great. Those are actually the good days — when you catch […]

Fiber Choice 30 Day Challenge Results + Giveaway

Fiber Choice logo

The Fiber Choice 30 Day Get Picky Challenge happened to fall smack dab during my longest trip of the month, and man am I ever grateful. Whenever I travel, I notice that things get a little backed up, and by the end of the trip it can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially since I splurge and […]

So What’s With This Detox Trend? #FitTeaDetox

FitTea 28 day detox tea

With all the talk about detoxing lately, I’ve gone from rolling my eyes to well, maybe… and now finally to “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” status. And I so I brewed my first cup of FitTea 28 Day Detox. I figure that sipping a detox tea with all-natural ingredients and a tagline of “give […]

It’s the Pits!


I just found out that you can lose up to 38% of your underarm skin every time you shave. I might as well consider it surgery. I’ll call it Operation Skin Removalization, and yes that’s a word because I say it’s a word, and clearly I’m the one on the operating table here, not you. […]

I Found Chrüterchraft + Ricola #SwissHerbs Gift Pack Giveaway

Ricola cough drops

When I saw my poor little great-niece sniffling and sneezing at Christmastime, I knew cold and flu season had officially arrived. It’s time to stock up the medicine cabinets with cold remedies and cough relief. Good thing I had just found Chruterchraft! The arrival of Chrüterchraft caught me by surprise too. When I lifted the lid of […]

It’s All About Positivity #FightFatTalk

face in mirror

I officially made it through the rest of the holiday season without any more fat talk! After I caught myself in an unconscious violation a couple of weeks ago, I’ve made a concerted effort to fight fat talk and stop the self-deprecation chatter. I was visiting family that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, […]

Keep Calm and Jingle On With Eucerin #SkinFirst + Giveaway

Eucerin December gift pack prize

With just a few days left until Christmas, those who haven’t completed their holiday shopping are starting to scramble to find last minute gifts for family members, teachers and friends. Don’t overlook skincare essentials! Winter is especially hard on skin, so well-moisturized skin is a wonderful gift to give or receive. This month I made […]

Get Holiday Fabulous with P&G and Walgreens #OnMyWay2Fab Giveaway

P&G prize pack #OnMyWay2

As the season’s festivities get underway, looking and feeling fabulous is on many of our minds.  I have so much work to finish up and lots of cooking and baking to do, but in the pursuit of fabulousness, I’m still squeezing in hair, nail and eyebrow appointments this week. A girl’s gotta do it… Thank […]