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Mustbin Keeps What’s Most Important To You, With You

Mustbin logo

Sometimes things fall in your lap that you didn’t know you needed, and the Mustbin app is just that. I was asked to review it, but I didn’t know it would save me from myself. You see, I can’t manage things made of paper. I’m like … I’ll just set this here now and “put […]

Sol Republic Relay Headphones #VZWBuzz

Sol Republic Relay earphones

Watching a movie in bed at night is one of my favorite things to do, but I can’t watch it on the big TV because I don’t like that much sound in the dark. (Issues.) I watch it on my tablet with ear buds, but there are issues there too. I have wimpy ears. They’re […]

Lepow Modre Wireless Bluetooth Speaker + Giveaway

lepow modre speakers

I’ve been listening to my music through a really expensive speaker system for the last few years, and I love it except it’s a bloody pain to unplug and move around the house with me. So when offered the chance to try the Lepow Modre wireless bluetooth speaker, I only said yes because it’s so […]

She’s Back in the Cesspool

dating online

“Mom, I activated an online dating profile.” My first response was to think “WTF” which is loosely translated as WTF. My second response was to repeat my first response which means…WTF.

Midnight Castle: Hidden Object Game


I can’t resist hidden object games in books, artwork, theme parks or architecture. I think that’s why the new Midnight Castle game from Big Fish is proving to be quite a bit of fun for me.

On the Cutting Edge with Verizon Edge #VZWVoices #VZWSE

Verizon Edge logo

Whenever I upgrade to a spiffy and fancy new smartphone (which isn’t that often because it’s e’spensive), it seems like the next month (or even week), there’s an announcement of something far more impressive.

Warning Signs: Has Your Identity Been Compromised?

Warning Signs_Identity Theft

With the recent breach of customer information at Target and now Neiman Marcus, it’s a little unnerving to know you can be doing all the right things to protect your privacy and personal information, yet if you happen to be in a particular database at the exact time someone compromises it, your identity can be […]

Watch Out For Spear Phishing!

spear phishing

Most of us are savvy enough to recognize phishing email scams when we see them, and truthfully, it’s a pretty low number of people who fall for the old phishing tactics anymore (i.e. banking). And that’s exactly why more phishers are turning to “Spear Phishing”. It’s a much more targeted version of phishing, and it’s tricking a heck of a lot more people.