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Jambu Glamour Wedges for Spring and Summer

Jambu Glamour

A few evenings ago I was driving home and I heard all kinds of night noises: crickets, bugs, and birds. It was a full-on chorus line out there, and it’s only February. What? Obviously, Spring is coming, so you know what that means….new shoes! Oh yes, it does… like this stylish pair of Jambu Glamour wedges […]

Jambu Amber Wedge Booties are Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

Jambu Amber wedge

Part of the fun of being a girl is wearing the shoes we get to wear. It’s like we’re genetically wired to love them! I have to show you my newest review pair: the Jambu Amber fusion wedges. Aren’t they adorable?! Yes. These are my second pair of shoes from Jambu Footwear. Two years ago […]

Rabeanco Luxury Leather Handbags for Fashionistas Everywhere!

Rabeanco luxury leather handbags

Do you know how long it takes me to pick out a new handbag? I am a terrible, horrible no good very bad handbag picker-outer.

I’m The Guardian Angel of My Daughter’s Feet + Famous Footwear GC Giveaway

Madden Girl Getta heels - Famous Footwear

Every so often I’m able to let my daughter do a little shopping on me. I love to do that! Since I’m a Famous Footwear ambassador, I receive perks, and it’s fun to let her enjoy the perks, especially when it involves shoes! I’ll pretend I’m the guardian angel of her feet. My daughter is […]

Famous Footwear Launches Mobile App + $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Famous Footwear app

Famous Footwear launched a new free mobile app for iPhone and Android which gives shoppers special perks like the ability to instantly use earned rewards points and to receive exclusive mobile discounts and offers. We’re talking about saving on shoes, people, SHOES!!! The free app is available in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play […]

Famous Footwear Back To School Shoe Trends + $50 Gift Card Giveaway

Famous Footwear Nike sneakers

This is a partnered post about back to school shoe trends and tips on getting the right fit when shoe shopping.  You’re not too late for back to school savings at Famous Footwear! Not only does the BOGO 1/2 off sale continue through September 14th, but if you visit the website, there’s an online coupon […]

Wedge Sneakers by Upere – Will You Wear This Shoe Trend?


It’s a sneaker. It’s a wedge. It’s a shoe trend. When I first caught a glimpse of wedge sneakers, I thought they were shoe style ridiculousness, and I still kinda think that, but the idea of wearing my two favorite kinds of shoes at the same time eroded away my nay-saying to the point where […]

Zappos.com Dogeared Jewels Necklace + Giveaway

Zappos-Dogeared Jewels Mom Sparkle Heart Necklace

Until Zappos sent this Dogeared Jewels necklace to me, I had no idea they had anything for sale but shoes, shoes and more shoes! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But they actually have clothing! And accessories! And jewelry! Where the heck have I been? This delicate little necklace is the dearest, sweetest piece. It features […]